Best Places to Go Shopping in Aruba


The island is home to world-famous brands with its luxurious shopping centres and retail hubs. You may also find a variety of designers and antique stores where you can get unusual presents for loved ones. Take a quick break from the beach and explore Aruba’s other side with these fantastic shopping alternatives.

Quickly book sun country flight tickets and enjoy the shopping in Aruba. Have a look at the best places in Aruba to go for Shopping.

Caya G.F. Betico Croes

One of the greatest areas to shop in Aruba is on Caya G.F. Betico Croes. It is often known as Main Street. You can take the vintage streetcar that runs down this busy street to keep going your journey along it or deeper into the city centre.

A variety of regional and global fashion boutiques and various stores are present in this place. Dufry offers duty-free products in addition to well-known brands.

Renaissance MarketPlace

This place has various jewellery boutiques and gift shops. It also has clothing retailers in the covered walkway of this outdoor shopping area. The capital city of Aruba offers midnight shopping since many stores only close at late.

This Marketplace features a superb array of eateries, pubs, and coffee shops. The place looks beautiful with the gardens and a view of the lake.

L.G. Smith Boulevard

L.G. Smith Boulevard is situated close to Seaport Village Marina. Many visitors land off cruise ships and head straight there. Originally filled with vegetable and fruit booths. This busy street is now home to a number of luxurious shopping centres.

You can browse a variety of craft stores, artisans the Malls. There are a lot of outdoor eateries and coffee shops on this avenue that provide views of the harbour.

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Aruba Flea Market

The Aruba Flea Market is easily accessible from main harbour by foot. This is one of the greatest locations to buy regional handicrafts and mementos of your trip. Do visit this place if you reside in a nearby hotel or came in Aruba on a cruise vessel.

You are free to go from one shop to the next, taking in whatever catches your eye. It’s also fun to have talks with the regional craftspeople. Even though not everyone like negotiating, a lot of booths are eager to negotiate on the price of an item.

The Local Market Aruba

Located directly across from the well-known I Love Aruba sign is a busy flea market called The Local Market. Aruban-made items and gifts are widely available. They’re great gifts for family members or as mementos to take home.

There are many inexpensive goods available in The Local Market. It includes clothing, cigars, food, and lively artwork and music. When visiting Aruba, this is one of the greatest venues to show your support for the residents. Don’t forget to pack cash, ideally in local currency.

Paseo Herencia Mall

For residents of Palm Beach or visitors taking a break, one of their favourite places for shopping is the Mall. Several of the multinational businesses on the island are on display in this busy area. Giants of fashion are available, along with premium surf gear.

It is not a problem to stay at Mall for an extended period of time. Along with a multiplex theatre, it has a tonne of excellent eateries, pubs, and cafes. There are always fireworks displays at night.  It is a good idea to stay late.

Summing Up

Enjoy the trip by booking the tickets to Aruba. Do visit the above places to have best shopping experience and get craft items from local crafters. Book your tickets in the sun country Flight tickets to get budget friendly trip.

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