Avoid 5 Mistakes in Your English Essay to Enhance Writing

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Essays are a major part of schoolwork. You can’t run away from them. That’s why you have to be focused. You’ve undoubtedly heard about essay organization and how to write it, but have you ever thought about grammar mistakes? Even native English speakers can make these errors. If English isn’t your first language, you will probably commit even more mistakes.

Due to this, most international students are reaching out to experts for online English essay writing help. You don’t speak English fluently, which may be why you are committing such mistakes, though it won’t spare you from bad grades if you don’t correct them. Whether you’re writing research papers, argumentative essays, or exploratory essays, trying to avoid these mistakes is necessary. In this article, we’ll discuss these errors and how to avoid them.

Top Common Linguistic Blunders in English Essays

The main point is that when you write essays in English, you should care for their grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Check the list below for common mistakes students usually make. Please check it to ensure that none of these errors are present in your essay.

Slip-Ups with Homophones

One big issue in academic essays is mixing up words that sound the same but have different meanings, like “write” and “right.” Professors don’t like seeing this mistake because people usually learn about it in elementary school. So, making this kind of mistake in college or university essays is pretty silly.

Example: “Vote is a human write!” (Incorrect)

“Vote is a human right!” (correct)

Confusion with Pronouns (Essay)

A huge issue for students in English papers is confusing pronouns. As a rule, they are often uncertain whether to use “you and me” or “you and I” when arguing in an argumentative essay or writing a reflective essay.  In a situation like this, the best thing to do is receive case study help from online experts.

Example 1: “John will pick you and I as his project partners.” (not correct)

“John will pick you and me as his project partners.” (correct)

Example 2: “Me will go to Paris for vacation.” (not correct)

“I will go to Paris for vacation.” (correct)

Missing Necessary Commas

Occasionally, students miss putting a pronunciation mark in front of the first part of the sentence. This approach makes the sentence seem incomplete, and it can be confusing to understand what point the students are trying to make. As a result, your grades might go down a lot. Here’s an example from a reflective essay:

Example: “Although I was fearless things changed when I met with the fatal experience.” (Incorrect)

“Although I was fearless, things changed when I met with the fatal experience.” (Correct)

Misuse of Run-on Sentences (Essay)

Another problem in essays is using run-on sentences, which are when two or more sentences are joined together without the correct punctuation. This happens a lot in college or university essays. Students often connect independent clauses with just a comma, which makes their writing not as good.

Example: “The box is at the edge of the table, it’s too heavy to fall.” (not good)

“The box is at the edge of the table, but it’s too heavy to fall.” (better)

Unidentified Interrupter

Words that interrupt the flow of a sentence are called interrupters. They’re used to add extra details, like emphasis, emotion, or tone. These words should have commas around them so readers can spot them easily. People usually pause when there’s a comma, so adding commas around interrupters helps them serve their purpose.

Example: “The event unfortunately took place by the end of January.” (not correct)

“The event, unfortunately, took place by the end of January.” (Correct)

How to Avoid These Linguistic Blunders in English Essays

To steer clear of English grammatical mistakes in your essay, it’s essential to follow some helpful tips. You can get these tips from experts or learn from their recommendations. Below is some advice to help you make your English essay perfect:

  • Read lots of samples. Look at examples of essays on essay writing websites. You’ll see many examples of well-written essays with unique content.
  • Plan and make a timetable for research, draft the outline, and then compose your essay. Or seek case study help from experts.
  • Take online grammar courses. These courses will teach you about sentence structure, word details, and syntaxes, and these will lead you to improve your writing skills.
  • Once you have completed writing the essay, you need to allocate some time to do this one more time. Manual proofreading will aid you in identifying any mistakes you might have made in the course of your writing process.
  • Also, try reading more books related to the topic or storybooks. This will help you learn more English words and improve your writing.
  • If you intend to find a writing style that could be used in your research area, you must carefully read the previous papers in your discipline.
  • If you are afraid that you may have an incorrect spelling for an English word, test if the word exists in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. It is the chosen reference for writing essays in APA style.
  • It is important not to procrastinate on your writing assignment. It’s needed time; otherwise, if you postpone work, it may happen that you will have to do it in a poor way and in a hurry.
  • Be careful to check for spelling or grammar errors in your essay, and pay attention to parts that might be confusing or too long. Make sure your tone matches the audience and purpose of your essay.

Final Thoughts

If you avoid these common mistakes, your essays will be better, and you might get higher grades. Be sure you know how to organize, write, and research your essay, and ask others to read it and provide you with the feedback you need to make it more convincing.

It can seem impossible to bear the pressure when you have much to do with little time. You may find the assistance of online English essay writing help experts to assist you improve the grammar rules. They are cheap essay writing services with a lot of expertise. They provide excellent quality work, which will, in turn, get you the best grades.

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