Affordable Luxury: The Appeal of Moissanite Engagement Rings

2 Ct Vintage Pear Cut

Couples around the world are looking for something meaningful, thoughtful, personalized, and most importantly glittering diamonds for their engagement rings! 

But when it comes to talking about the budget of your ring, you often find yourself stuck with numerous questions. How to find a gemstone on a budget or what should be the carat size or the biggest of them all which type of gemstone would be the best for her? 

If you are planning for a rich, magnificent gemstone on a budget but don’t know where to start? This is your article! We are here to introduce you to the brilliance of “Moissanite” a fantastic diamond alternative to opt for. Explore moissanite engagement rings with us. 

About moissanite engagement rings

Moissanite is a stone formed by stars. It was first found in 1893 by French scholar Henri Moissan, who unearthed fragments of the gem in a cavity left by an asteroid that crashed into Earth.

Currently, moissanite is valued for its imitation of diamonds and its special glitter. Aside from their diamond look-alike, moissanites are renowned for their flaming brilliance, unwavering endurance, and affordable pricing, making them an ever-popular choice for engagement rings.

Why choose Moissanite engagement rings? 

Now that we know how special a Moissanite is, we must discover how charismatic the design can portray when chosen as an engagement ring! 

Fiery Brilliance: One of the top favorite features of Moissanite is the fiery brilliance that it radiates. Moissanites sparkle more promisingly than diamonds because of their unique facet designs. The dazzling surface brilliance of a moissanite creates blazing chromatic streaks that shimmer in the light.

Many couples fall in love with the rainbow streaks of Moissanites, which makes the stone highly popular. 

Solid Durability: Moissanite engagement rings are suited for everyday use and have excellent long-term durability. Your moissanite crystal won’t cloud or alter color, and it just needs regular cleaning to keep its stunning and glittering beauty.

Budget-Friendly Stone: Weddings often tend to burn people’s pockets out, although when you select a gemstone that perfectly matches your lover’s personality and is available on a budget it’s big news. 

The Moissanite gemstone perfectly blends with your budget as well as your customization needs. 

Nervous, On where to find Women’s moissanite engagement rings in India? Take a tour of some of the classic-modern Moissanite Engagement rings crafted at Rustic and Gold. 

Moissanite Collection by Rustic and Gold

2 Ct Vintage Pear Cut

The Vintage Drama: If your wife loves the idea of vintage gemstone rings, this might be your chance to surprise her with an artisanal delicacy of a 2ct ultra-romantic vintage-styled engagement ring. 

The ring is handcrafted with passion by our diamond experts. You can find a detailed work of vintage-styled shank, Pear cut center Moissanite and tiny accent round stones to elevate the shimmer quotient. 

The band is customizable, you can pick your style too! 

White Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring

The Minimal Art: A classic sleek Moissanite princess cut ring is a piece of art for ladies who love minimal design engagement rings. 

This modern band is perfect for everyday wear and women who have an active lifestyle would adore the design built for comfort. You can custom create this beauty to her favorite metals and designs. 

For more inspiration, you can chat with us. 

6 CT Heart Shaped Moissanite Ring


Gift your Heart: And we mean Literally! While Moissanites are the most comfortable stones to flaunt, we are here to level up its brilliance with a grand 6ct heart-cut Moissanite engagement ring only at Rustic and Gold. 

The heart design Moissaites are rare, so let’s be Rare with it. Craft your heart on Moissanite for her, and let her know how special she is. 

This glittering heart has tiny round-cut accent stones that add so much glamour to it. A total treat for women who are in love with unique engagement ring ideas. 

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Do you still have questions on why Moissanites are the best? Well, take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions by our Customers, you might find your answers! 


  • Is Moissanite as stunning as a diamond? 

Moissanite is a remarkable gemstone with special chemical, physical, and visual qualities. Moissanite is often contrasted with diamonds, yet it has special properties that set them apart. 

Moissanite offers more fire and sparkle than diamonds but at a much lower cost. Moissanite is frequently more valuable and of greater worth than natural diamonds.

  • Is Moissanite lab-grown? 

Henri Moissan found moissanite amid a meteorite impact, which is a very rare event in nature. Modern crystal formation techniques result in jewels that are organically, aesthetically, and artistically identical to the original moissanite.

  • Are lab-grown gems identical to Moissanite?

Moissanite and synthetic diamonds aren’t the same. Moissanite is a rare gemstone with distinct organic, physique, and aesthetic traits.

  • Are Moissanite Engagement Rings worth it? 

Yes, just as unique as your partner, the gemstone is ultra-special making it a great choice for an engagement ring. Plus, it is less costly than diamonds with more value. 

  • Where to buy Women moissanite engagement rings India? 

Selecting “The Ring” for her is for sure an important task for you. However, when you choose an expert partner to help you with the stone decisions, you can relax and craft a one-of-a-kind ring for your lady. 

Find an exclusive wide range of premium and signature Moissanite engagement rings available online at Rustic and Gold. 

We offer customization for your Engagement rings with brilliant artistry and personalized suggestions. 

To find your Moissanite Engagement Ring for her, Browse Now!


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