7 Handy Google Fi Features You Shouldn’t Forget


Google Fi is an innovative cell phone provider that runs on multiple cellular networks. While the ability to switch between T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular is a key Google Fi feature, there are many other useful capabilities easy to overlook.

This article covers 7 handy Google Fi features every subscriber should know to get the most out of the service.

1. Built-In VPN

Google Fi automatically routes your connection through a VPN when using cellular data. This encrypts your traffic to keep browsing more secure and private.

The Google Fi VPN is easy to enable. Simply open the Google Fi app and toggle on the option for enhanced network security. No special configs or VPN apps required.

With the VPN enabled, others on the public WiFi can’t snoop on what you’re accessing over Google Fi data. It’s an effortless way to boost security.

2. Spam Call Protection

Unwanted robocalls are unfortunately common these days. But Google Fi offers automatic spam call filtering to prevent those annoying calls from interrupting you.

When Google Fi detects an incoming spam call, you won’t hear a ring. The call goes straight to voicemail instead. You’ll see the missed call later with a “Suspected spam” tag.

For even more control, you can completely block identified spam numbers right in the Google Fi app. Tap on a suspect call, then Block to never receive calls or texts from that number again.

3. Free Data SIM Cards

With Google Fi, you can request up to 4 free data-only SIM cards for other compatible devices. Pop a Google Fi data SIM into a tablet, hotspot, or secondary phone to share your plan’s data allowance.

The data from extra SIMs pulls from your primary Google Fi account bucket. There’s no extra charge for the additional SIMs – just the standard plan rates based on total data usage.

Having a shared pool of data across devices is super convenient with Google Fi. Order extra data SIMs easily through the account portal.

4. International Coverage

Google Fi includes free roaming in over 200 countries around the world. While limited to 256kbps international data speeds, it’s sufficient for basic needs like email, maps, messaging and light web use.

Phone calls on Google Fi when traveling internationally cost $0.20/min. You can reduce rates further with an International Calling Credit – just $10 for 1000 mins of calling abroad.

The ability to use your regular phone number for service worldwide is a huge perk of Google Fi. No need to buy local SIMs as you cross borders.

5. Flexible Data

Google Fi offers flexible data plans from $20-60/mo for 1-22GB. But the unique feature is paying only for what you use. Any unused data is credited back on your next bill.

You can set caps for individual lines to control costs and prevent overages. Once a line hits its limit, data access is blocked but the account still pools unused data from other lines.

The ability to customize data for each user along with prorated billing makes Google Fi data very affordable.

6. Data-Only Buckets

If you need extra high-speed data for a trip or specific period, you can purchase short-term flat-rate data buckets that don’t expire.

These buckets don’t pull from your base data allotment. $10 gets you 1GB of high-speed data valid for 3 months. $20 for 3 months of 5GB data. Useful for occasional trips or as a backup pool.

The unused portion does not roll over though. So buy conservatively based on your needs. But it’s a handy way to grab some temporary additional data now and then.

7. WiFi Assistant Auto-Connect

Google Fi’s WiFi Assistant automatically connects you to free trusted hotspots to conserve cellular data usage. No need for passwords or login screens.

When you’re out and about, WiFi Assistant will switch you to hotspots from Google’s partner venues once you’re within range. Access is seamless without any effort required.

You can restrict WiFi Assistant to only known networks in your Google account. But leaving it open provides the most data savings and fastest connections on the go.

Key Takeaways on Google Fi Features

To recap, key features on Google Fi include:

  • Encrypted VPN for data privacy
  • Spam call filtering
  • Free data SIMs for devices
  • International coverage in 200+ countries
  • Flexible pay-as-you-go data
  • Short-term high-speed data buckets
  • Auto-connect to public WiFi hotspots

Learn all the capabilities Google Fi offers beyond base cell service and you can maximize value from your plan. Don’t forget to configure optimal google fi apn settings android for 5G access as well.

With the right combination of plan features and add-ons, Google Fi provides extensive flexibility and functionality beyond typical carriers.

Does Google Fi work with iPhones?

Yes, Google Fi supports most iPhone models. Simply get a Google Fi SIM and install the app to activate service.

Can I use my Google Fi number internationally?

Yes, your regular number works abroad with no roaming charges in over 200 countries.

Do I need a new SIM for 5G on Google Fi?

No, your existing SIM will work for 5G if you have a compatible phone.

What happens to unused Google Fi data?

Any remaining high-speed data is credited on your next monthly bill at the same rate.

Final Thoughts

Google Fi offers a wealth of cool features beyond just cell service. With international roaming, multiple data SIMs, flexible data buckets, and more, you can craft a plan that is tailored to your needs.

Review all the Google Fi capabilities before signing up to determine if it’s the right wireless provider for your usage. Optimizing plan add-ons and features ensures you maximize value from Google Fi.

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